Solar Panels

Solar Panels Perth WA

Renew Energy specialize in photovoltaic (PV) systems for solar electricity for both domestic and commercial customers. We tailor PV systems to meet your requirements, ensuring you get the best return on your investment – whether it be a single storey dwelling or larger multi-storey commercial complex.

At Renew Energy we are committed and passionate about the environment and climate change. Solar energy systems do not produce any greenhouse gases when generating electricity so you get the benefit of free power, all while saving money and the environment! Here in Perth we have one of the most effective locations to take advantage of solar energy – we get the second highest amount of sun amongst capital cities in the world.

Our solar systems can be connected to an inverter that converts DC energy from the PV panels to AC power for your home. Alternatively, we provide battery connected options for customers wanting to store their collected power to use at a time convenient for their usage patterns. All systems are connected back to the grid, so you get the choice of how you use your solar energy – by either using it, selling it back to Synergy or storing it for later consumption.