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Perth enjoys more hours of the sun than any other major city in Australia. Take advantage of this, along with the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) or Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme with Renew Energy.


Here at Renew Plumbing, we specialise in hot water installations and repairs, bathroom, kitchen and laundry services. We also fix blocked drains, burst water pipes and more.

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A part of the Rheem Solar Specialist Network, you can trust us to deliver quality solar hot water systems to your home or business, for an affordable price Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) or Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme with Renew Energy.

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Solar power is more affordable and accessible than ever before, and utilising Perth’s sunny weather is a perfect solution to reduce energy costs while helping the environment.

Renew Energy supply, install and service a range of systems including solar panels, hot water systems, and plumbing all while maintaining our high-quality standards and competitive prices

Using only trusted brands such as Solar Edge, Canadian Solar, Q.Sell, Jinko, Sun Power, LG, Fronius, Delta, and SMA our warranty on all workmanship ensures you get the best system at the best price, that will last the distance.


Why Choose Renew Energy For Your Solar Panel Installation?

Renew Energy came into being in 2002. We’ve deployed thousands of solar hot water and solar power solutions for satisfied customers. We stand behind every system we sell thanks to our careful selection of manufacturers. 

A company without a track record might have cheap systems on sale but could go out of business before your system breaks down a year later. We only use reputable brands and partner with companies who have been around for years. 

We’re one of the best and most respected solar companies in WA, providing the support Perth home-owners need to decrease the energy usage of their home.

Integrity is essential to us, and we’ll always recommend the best options that suit you.

We focus on quality over cost. We strive for affordability, but never at the expense of reliability. We are committed to providing high-quality solar panel systems at affordable prices, with exceptional after-care service.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Solar Power Systems

Solar power has boomed over the past few years. As Australia leans towards sustainability and renewable energy, solar systems have become a somewhat common home addition and for good reason! There are loads of benefits to hopping on the solar panel train in Perth!

Not only is it great for the environment but it has proven to be a highly beneficial energy source. As it has become more popular to use solar energy, the market prices have decreased. So, it’s much more affordable to invest in solar panels in Perth now.

Let’s discuss solar power a bit more before we jump into the benefits of solar panels in Perth, and how they work. Perth has many beautiful, sunny days – which is why it is perfect for investing in a solar system with solar panels and starting your clean energy journey.

Are you considering investing in solar panels in Perth? You could become almost entirely independent of the grid with a simple solar panel install. Adding a battery means you could even make money by selling unused energy back into your power company. 

Imagine having no more outages or high electricity bills — just clean, renewable energy keeping your home supplied with power. Your solar panel system will pay for itself in short order while you lower your carbon footprint.

The Right Solar Power System for Your Home

You should consider several factors when looking at potential solar systems. Perth has plenty of solar panel retailers, but not all solar panel setups work the same way. You want a durable, warrantied, and high-performing system.

Two numbers matter when you’re choosing the right solar power system for your home. First, note the average amount of kilowatts you use daily. Second, consider the highest demand, or draw, that you will most likely require at any given time. 

You want a system that will both provide enough electricity daily to keep your home powered, and enough power at any given moment to exceed your draw. You don’t want to restrict your appliance use to a single unit at a time. You can ask your electric company about your highest draw before you purchase a solar panel system.

Solar Panel Financing (ZipMoney)            

Renew Energy is a proud ZipMoney partner. This partnership allows us to help even more Australians who want to gain freedom from the power grid. With ZipMoney solar panel financing, you can benefit from interest-free payments for loan terms up to 36 months.


What Is Solar Power?
How Do Solar Panels Work?
Why make the switch to solar?
Are Solar Panels Worth Getting?
How much is the solar rebate in WA?
Will a 5kW solar system run a house?
What are the best solar panels on the market?
How many solar panels are needed to power a house?
What is the best solar company in Perth?
What are the three types of solar panels?
What Is Solar Power?

The basic notion of solar power is to harness energy from sunlight. This energy is either converted into electricity or used to heat air or fluids (for instance, hot water for that swimming pool of yours). There are two main types of technology that can harness solar power: solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal. These technologies can be used in a single system for both heat and electricity generation!

Solar Power Technology

Solar thermal technology converts solar radiation into heat (thermal energy). This technology is often used for hot water systems. Thermal energy is otherwise used directly for spatial heating or to create electricity with steam or turbines. Electricity generated with solar thermal technology is mostly designed for large scale power generation.

Solar PV technology, on the other hand, uses photovoltaic cells to directly convert sunlight into electricity. These solar systems can be installed on rooftops and incorporated into vehicle or building designs.

Solar PV technology can also be used in power plants and commercial solar systems for large-scale electricity generation. If large-scale is the goal, then this technology can be used alongside concentrating lenses and mirrors to enhance the generation process. As solar battery storage systems have been developed, solar power has become cleaner and more efficient to use.

Solar Power In Australia

Here’s some great news if you’re looking to get some solar panels – the continent of Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre of all continents and boasts some of the best solar power resources. The desert areas tend to have higher solar radiation than other areas in Australia.

The Australian government has reported that the continent receives an annual average of 58 million petajoules of solar radiation! This is allegedly 10,000 times larger than its total energy consumption per year. In contrast to this, Australia’s current use of solar power is much lower than it could be.

Most commonly, solar power in Australia is used for hot water. In more remote areas, PV technology can provide electricity to structures that aren’t on the electrical grid.

Australia has brought about policies that aim to increase the generation of electricity in a more sustainable way. This has led to the further development of solar technologies.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

It’s a good idea to have an understanding of how solar panels work, in order to more clearly understand how they can help contribute to your home energy supply in Perth. Let’s start off by understanding what a solar panel actually is.

These panels, also known as solar modules, are made up of silicon cells, metal frames, a casing unit and wiring. Silicon is a non-metal element. It’s properties as a good conductor allow it to absorb sunlight, which can then be converted into electricity, ready for use.

When sunlight hits one of the cells, electrons in the silicon start to move. This leads to a flow of electric current, known as the PV effect. After the current has started to flow, wires feed this direct current into a solar inverter, which then converts it into electricity.

Different Uses Of Solar Panels

In Perth, solar panels can be used for many things. Firstly, electricity can be produced at the home or commercial solar level. At the industrial level, a solar power plant is needed to generate enough electricity for lots of people.

If you’re off-grid, a solar system can give you electricity even if you are in a remote area. This is really useful if you live far away from the city. In these areas, solar panels are also a great way to get hot water.

Portability is another use of solar power. You can take portable solar panels with you to different places to ensure that you have some form of electricity. For example, this is useful if you need to charge your phone at the beach, if you like to go camping, or if you frequently travel to remote places that don’t have electricity.

In addition to these, solar power has many uses in Perth. To get a better idea of what these uses are, the pros and cons of getting a solar power system are discussed below.

Why make the switch to solar?

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is an incredibly attractive power source because it is much better for the environment than the use of coal, for example, which is a fossil fuel.

Solar power is truly renewable.

Solar panels can be used all over the world, and there is no end to the power you can harness from sunlight, as it won’t ever ‘run out’. As long as we still have sun (which is still about 5 billion years, according to science) – we’re good to go!

Lowers The Cost Of Your Electricity Bill

When you incorporate solar panels into your home energy supply in Perth, you will use less electricity. This is only if you use solar power to replace some of your electricity usages as opposed to using it for new ones.

For instance, if you use solar panels to heat up your pool, when you weren’t doing that with electricity before, then it will be an added expense to install the solar panels. However, if you were planning to use hot water in your pool anyways, then using a solar system instead of electricity will be highly beneficial!

The reduction in electricity bills will depend on the size of your solar systems and how much electricity you tend to use.

Diverse Use Of Solar Power

As discussed above, sunlight can be used to generate either heat or electricity. This technology is incredibly useful in areas that are not on the electrical grid. It can also be used to distil water in places that do not have a clean water supply.

Some futuristic technology has seen the introduction of solar power windows and roof tiles. With this path of development, there will soon be even more ways to seamlessly incorporate solar systems into our lives.

Maintenance Costs Are Low

Solar systems don’t often need maintenance and are fairly hardy. One thing you might need to do is give your solar panels a good clean a few times a year if they are accessible- but that doesn’t require too much effort. If that’s not something you’re interested in at all, then you can always call on a designated cleaning company to help you out!

In terms of the warranty, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the right information. As solar panels can be quite pricey to install, it’s important to make sure you’re covered if anything does go wrong, such as a manufacturing error.

Other than that, there are no moving bits to worry about, and there is only one part (the inverter) that will probably need to get replaced after 5 or 10 years. However, you should keep an eye on the cables as well. You want your system to work as effectively as possible, so these might need some maintenance.

Rapid Development

I think we can all agree that technology is advancing at an impressive rate. With this in mind, solar panels will probably benefit! Increases in technological development will surely see the improved efficiency and effectiveness of solar power and energy. This will likely be in the form of increased ability of solar panels to generate electricity.

Are Solar Panels Worth Getting?

There are plenty of benefits that make the investment a savvy one and it all worthwhile. Especially in Perth WA (Western Australia), solar panels could make a big difference to your electricity bill.

On top of that, there is one more reason to consider getting solar panels installed in Perth. Considering the housing market and the fact that Australia is endorsing clean, renewable energy, having solar power in your home could increase its value if you ever look to sell.

If you rent out a living space or are in property development in Perth, solar power systems are really something to consider. Solar panels look good if you can see them, and can make the property more attractive as an asset. In fact, solar panels these days can be made to blend into your roof – so you can upgrade the value of the house, without changing the look at all!

If you’re not planning on selling, then you can simply enjoy the benefits of generating your own electricity. In Perth WA, something else to consider is that the Climate Council estimates that, over the space of a decade, most Australian solar power systems end up paying for themselves. This fact alone should spur everyone to invest in some panels and take advantage of renewable energy.

How much is the solar rebate in WA?

Residents of West Australia qualify for the federal government solar rebate known as the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). The rebate depends on the size of your system. An average-sized 5kW system can typically qualify you for around a $2,800 rebate. 

You may also qualify to participate in a Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) with Synergy or Horizon. You can receive payment for the energy you pump back into the grid. This option is only open to residents with a 5kW or smaller system.

Will a 5kW solar system run a house?

Every home and its energy requirements are different. However, a 5kW system has the capacity to handle the average household in Perth. 

We’ll perform an assessment to figure out how much energy you use per day and your peak draw. After that, we’ll recommend solar power, battery, or solar hot water solutions that best fit your needs.

What are the best solar panels on the market?

The best solar panels will be in the mid to high price range. Cheaper panels exist, but we don’t recommend them because of their warranty policies. With cheap panels, you have to uninstall, pack, ship, and reinstall at your own expense, making it cost-prohibitive to take advantage of the warranty. 

We sell all of our solar systems in Perth from fully integrated panel manufacturers. They have been in business for years and have comprehensive warranties. We only sell products we can stand behind.

How many solar panels are needed to power a house?

An average Australian household goes through approximately 20 kWh of power a day. In most cases, 6.6kW worth of solar power panels hooked to a 5kW inverter is sufficient. 

If you have a large home or use a lot of electricity due to multiple appliances running at once, we may recommend a bigger system and battery to meet your needs. 

What is the best solar company in Perth?

When it comes to solar power in Perth, we have an edge on other companies. Our network of solar system manufacturers gives us access to all the best brands. Our highly experienced staff can walk you through both solar panel installation and solar hot water systems.

What are the three types of solar panels?

There are three main types of panels used for solar arrays. Monocrystalline panels are cells created from a single slice from a silicon ingot and offer incredible efficiency. They were initially much more expensive than other options, but advancing technology has lowered the price.

Polycrystalline panels are cells created from blended silicone sources. These cells were once less efficient than monocrystalline cells, but much cheaper. As technology refines polycrystalline manufacturing, their efficiency improves, but monocrystalline remains the first choice. 

Thin-film panels are amorphous silicon formed into a flexible sheet. They have a low manufacturing cost but degrade quickly and need replacement sooner. Most homeowners in Perth still choose monocrystalline panels. 

Are you ready to reduce your dependence on the electric grid and make your home more environmentally friendly? A solar power system can give you reliable power and even a source of income. Contact us for your free assessment today.

Solar Panels Perth

With panels, solar power is becoming more and more affordable and attractive. With electricity prices tending to increase, there are many perks to having solar systems in your home or office in Perth.

Efficiency rates for these systems are on the rise, and favourable returns are definite – particularly in Perth. Getting the best solar power system is absolutely a worthwhile investment! So, what are you waiting for? Contact the experts at Renew Energy today.

Renew Energy specialize in photovoltaic (PV) systems for solar electricity for both domestic and commercial customers. We tailor PV systems to meet your requirements, ensuring you get the best return on your investment – whether it be a single storey dwelling or a larger multi-storey commercial complex.

At Renew Energy we are committed and passionate about the environment and climate change. Solar energy systems do not produce any greenhouse gases when generating electricity so you get the benefit of free power, all while saving money and the environment! Here in Perth, we have one of the most effective locations to take advantage of solar energy – we get the second-highest amount of sun amongst capital cities in the world.

Our solar systems can be connected to an inverter that converts DC energy from the PV panels to AC power for your home. Alternatively, we provide battery connected options for customers wanting to store their collected power to use at a time convenient for their usage patterns. All systems are connected back to the grid, so you get the choice of how you use your solar energy – by either using it, selling it back to Synergy or storing it for later consumption.

Shopping for solar panels in Perth can feel overwhelming. How do you know which option is best for your home? Will the company you buy your solar power system from still exist in a year or two if you have problems? 

We advise you to do your research and learn how solar panels in Perth are manufactured, sold, and warrantied. When you understand the options available to you, you can make an informed purchase. Your solar system could be the best investment you’ll make this decade if you choose a high-quality system from a reputable company.

Solar Power Perth

What makes Perth such a terrific place to use solar power? Perth residents pay a high price for electricity from the grid. Solar systems are relatively inexpensive to set up, and you can instantly cut your electric bill significantly.

Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent in the world. Harnessing this power makes sense, especially when you consider the environmental impact. You can use solar to provide most or all of the power for your home, even with a relatively small system.

Perth has more sunny days than any other major Australian city. You can expect nearly 150 completely sunny days and more than 120 partially sunny days annually. An average number of eight high sunlight hours per day means that your solar system can gather plenty of energy for use or storage.

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