4kW Solar Inverters

Solar energy is the perfect solution to saving on electrical costs and becoming more environmentally friendly. When choosing a solar power system, homeowners have the option of a 4kW solar inverter for their energy production.

For the right-sized home, 4kW power inverters can offer incredible benefits. A single-phase inverter offers power conversion technology that enables you to harness solar energy and make it suitable to use in your home.

Follow our guide to see if this type of solar photovoltaic system is right for you.


Investing in solar energy can offer major long-term economical benefits. A system with 4kW inverters offers a high power output for maximum efficiency, energy savings and improved ROI.

How much does a 4kW solar system cost?

4kW solar inverter systems are more expensive than the more popular 3kW and 5kW solar systems as they offer more energy production.

On average, 4kW power inverters will cost between AU$3600 to AU$6900 to install. When looking at the average dollar per watt, a 4kW system is around $1.50/W. Just like with any solar energy system, the price reflects the quality.

How does a 4kW solar system impact my property value?

4kW solar inverters allow you to generate your own electricity, allowing you to see a dramatic reduction in energy bills. As people are becoming more environmentally responsible, having these systems installed in private homes will help to increase property value.

Should I buy or lease a 4kW solar system?

It’s best to buy your own 4kW system. Once paid for, this will offer greater annual savings as it offers a high power output. As mentioned, it will also add value to your property should you ever want to sell.

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What are the environmental benefits of a 4kW solar system?

4kW solar inverters offer maximum efficiency and high power output, which has the potential to get you off-grid. In sunny South Australia, you can generate a consistent flow of your own electricity with this type of solar inverter. This is fully sustainable, clean, renewable energy with no negative environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that might aid you in your research process:



How much time does it take to quote a 4kW solar system?

Quoting a 4kW system is fast and easy. At Renew Energy, we offer free no-obligation solar quotes to help you find the perfect solar solution for your needs. We can help you understand which systems are most suitable and compatible with your home so that you can get a solar inverter system that takes you off-grid as much as possible.

How much time does it take to deliver a 4kW solar system?

4kW systems can be delivered quickly and efficiently. In many instances, we will have the system available and ready for your convenience.

How much time does it take to install a 4kW solar system?

At Renew Energy, we offer easy installation of our 4kW inverters. It should be up within a day.

Do I need to replace my roof before installing a 4kW solar system?

It’s a good idea to have your roof evaluated before installing a solar system. If you have an old or damaged roof, then areas of it might require maintenance or replacing before you can install a solar system. This is not always the case, but it’s an important consideration to make.

Installing solar panels over a damaged roof could result in serious maintenance and replacement in the not-too-distant future.

How much energy does a 4kW solar system produce?

Generally, a solar system with 4kW inverters will have an output of around 3400kwh of electricity each year. With around 5 sun hours per day, your system should produce around 300 to 750 kWh of monthly AC power.

In Western Australia, this should usually provide enough power for a home of around four or five people. This makes 4kW inverters smart choices for most private homes.

What’s the payback period for a 4kW system?

The payback time for a 4kW system is often around a 3 or 4 year payback period. However, you will be able to access instant electricity savings right after installation. Depending on your energy requirements, 4kW inverters may have enough output to take you completely off the grid.

Indicative returns for 4kW solar systems at average prices?

In Western Australia, systems generally pay themselves off in around 3 years, with thousands of dollars of annual savings. Savings can range anywhere between AU$140 – AU$220 per bill cycle.

Owning a solar system in Australia can also qualify you for an attractive rebate. This can help with long-term savings, making the system even more worthwhile.


One of the major benefits of solar systems is how easy they are to maintain. At Renew Energy, we only work with high-quality systems to ensure reliability and long-term value with minimal maintenance.

How often do 4kW solar systems need services/maintenance?

Once installed, a 4kW system with a single-phase inverter requires practically no maintenance or services. Regular service checks can be a good idea to make sure your system and battery are in good running order. However, solar panels generally last for around 25 years without requiring any serious maintenance.

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If you want to generate your own power, increase your energy efficiency, and lower your environmental footprint, then installing a 4kW power inverter is a smart choice. The annual savings can be significant with this type of solar system. Especially in a country as sunny as Australia, installing solar panels and a single-phase inverter can lower your bills dramatically.

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