Commercial Systems

Commercial Solar Power

Businesses in Perth are finally waking up to commercial solar power. Technological advances and federal rebates have lowered the cost of acquisition. Find out more about commercial solar application options and learn how to deliver higher returns than residential systems.

Renew Energy has a highly experienced, customer-focused team with many years of expertise in commercial solar power systems. We are committed to delivering professional and timeline adherent installation services with dedicated installation teams.

With Renew Energy, you’re not just getting a high quality commercial solar system designed specifically for your business. You’re also getting the peace of mind that comes with our many years of experience in Western Australian solar energy.

How Commercial Solar Power Systems Work

Photovoltaic cells (PVC) panels take the power of the sun’s rays and generate direct current (DC). An inverter then converts DC into alternating current (AC). Homes and businesses use AC as a safer option than DC. This is the fundamental way in which a commercial solar system operates.

A central inverter optimizes your solar energy harvest at a whole array scale, which means you can lose much power due to mismatches between panels. Also, central inverters have a disadvantage regarding the expense and time required to maintain and fix them. It would help if you had a professional team to service them for safety. If your inverter goes down, your entire system can go offline.

Alternatively, you can use string inverters, each of which controls a row, string, and panels hooked together. However, each string will only operate at the capacity of the worst performing panel in the series. If one panel drops to 80% power output, the whole row will drop to 80% output, too.

Solar Edge Inverters

Renew Energy partners with Solar Edge to offer our customers the best commercial solar power options available. Solar Edge has developed commercial solar panel systems that maximize every single ray of sunshine and minimize interference or power loss from the shade, leaves, bird droppings, and more.

What sets Solar Edge apart? Solar Edge inverters deliver higher efficiency and a streamlined DC to AC conversion.

Power optimizers allow you to selectively monitor and optimize panels in real-time, boosting performance to the highest level possible. With Solar Edge, you get the most out of your commercial solar power system.

They use the same types of panels, and basic installation methods still apply. However, with Solar Edge, your designer and installer have more flexibility.

If a few panels get shade at a specific time of day, it won’t affect the solar power system functionality. The same applies if leaves fall on a panel or a bird takes a quick rest on your array.

Solar Edge Overview Video

You can control operating and maintenance expenses and make most adjustments from a handheld device using the online interface for panel optimization. A “Safe DC” mechanism provides enhanced safety at panel levels. 

If AC power is off, the DC voltage instantly drops to safe levels. This video from Solar Edge details the advantages of the Solar Edge system not only for businesses but also for installers, maintenance crews, and emergency personnel.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel installation with a Solar Edge inverter can decrease costs for those using the solar power they generate to replace grid power. It can also increase revenues for system owners who feed power back to the grid.

Renew Energy has a highly experienced team working with you and Solar Edge to create and install the ideal commercial solar power system panel solution for your business.